•    How will you connect? To whom will you give the inspirational jewelries?
Weare developing relationships with non-profit organizations, mental health centers and hospitals that organize support groups, church communities and other organizations alike and will provide updates on our website as they join our cause.  If you have any referrals, please contact us and provide their information and we will be happy to reach out to them.

•    How do we know when you’ve given your jewelry? How do we get updates?
We believe in honesty and transparency.  Every time we connect with any one person, support groups or any communities, we will share about each visit through our blog.  We are excited to share every experience with you so you can get a glimpse of the GIFT of GIVING.  With your support, we can give hope to others and we will make sure to always share those experiences with you.

•    What will you give when I make a purchase?
With every purchase, we will give one piece of "spring of hope" bracelet.  We give a simple and minimal design to ensure the recipients will wear it every day and that it will go with everyone’s style. The goal is to give a simple wear with a powerful message to serve as a daily inspiration.

•    Why not give proceeds to a charity instead of giving a piece of jewelry?
Most companies give monetary donations; our mission is to inspire and connect with someone directly. We understand how it feels to struggle with depression each day.  We want to connect with someone and let that person know, he or she is not alone. The piece of jewelry serves as a symbol of hope, and a simple reminder to keep fighting the fight and keep going.

•    How do I care for my jewelry so it lasts?
Most of our materials are cast in lead free pewter, then plated with tarnish-resistant precious metals such as copper, 24k gold or .99 sterling silver.  Some materials are made of brass, nickel and leather which can tarnish just like any other fine jewelry.  In most cases, our designs are durable enough for everyday wear.  However, certain materials fade or tarnish quicker depending on your skin products, sweat and how they are worn.  We suggest you don’t shower or bathe with any of your jewelry, especially leather, to minimize wear and tear.
We also include a small polish cloth for most of the jewelry you purchase, especially for the pieces we think may tarnish quicker.  We want to make sure you can wear your inspirational jewelry every day and for a long period of time.

•    Will you run sale or discounts?
Yes!  We will have occasional promotions and discount offers. :)  Make sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest so you will be up to date on what’s happening!

•    Is everything really handmade?
Yes, every piece is handmade in Los Angeles, CA with love and care.

•    Why do the letters look off or uneven at times?
Hand stamping is a very rustic method of imprinting letters onto the surface of the metal.  In doing so, not every letter will line up exactly the same as the next, providing a unique, one-of-a-kind look.  Please note that the results of each piece will vary from item to item.  These results are characteristic of this folk art technique.

•    How long before I receive my order?
We are only a very small team so, please bear with us. Everything is made to order so processing an order generally takes 4-10 business days from time of purchase.  Everything is hand-made so order processing times may vary depending on production or if an item/material is out of stock.  In these cases, we will notify you via email.  During the holiday season, we will do our best to accommodate and work with everyone's needs.  We love giving after all!! :)  Click here for more information on our shipping policy.

•    What if there’s something wrong with my order?
All of our pieces are carefully hand made.  We pride ourselves on creating and producing jewelry of the highest quality.  We want to ensure that your purchases are made with confidence (and lots of love and care!).  In the rare case where you are unsatisfied with your purchase, we will gladly arrange for an exchange or refund. Click here for more information on our return policy.

•    What credit cards do you accept as form of payment? Do you accept PayPal?
We are currently accepting all major credit cards such as Visa, MasterCard, American Express, JCB, Discover and Diners Club.  We are also working on integrating PayPal.  In the event that you can only use PayPal as a payment, please contact us and we will try to work with you.